Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Insteon and Google Assistant release new voice-activated home system

Insteon and Google Assistant release new voice-activated home system

And during such a new trend why would LG not be part of it. Google also announced a new platform that will see companies including Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) release Google Assistant speakers with built-in displays - a product clearly created to take on the Amazon Echo Show.

The Google Assistant will be compatible with DISH's Hopper DVR, Joey client, or Wally single-tuner HD receiver to control their TV once it is paired with Google Home, Android phones or iPhones.

It's nice to see that these features are spreading out across vehicles and becoming less manufacturer-specific - but it'll also make it more hard to figure out who's on the phone, who's talking to Alexa or Google, and who's just muttering to themselves. Also unlike the Home, Smart Displays are made by Google's hardware partners, rather than in-house - Lenovo, JBL, LG, and Sony are all involved.

Audio equipment maker Klipsch had a sizable presence at this year's CES.

Alexa will help drivers and passengers get directions, read the news, and select entertainment options, as well as add items to their shopping cart. Ask the LG ThinQ WK9 and it'll play it on YouTube for you. They are due out in the United States this summer, but we don't know when they are coming to the UK or what prices will be. As the Smart Display features a FHD touchscreen, entering into the device will show you recent reminders, timers, music, or other interactive data.

Smart speakers and IoT, digital assistant-enabled devices - where Amazon has a two-year lead - are more important. Recently, Google showcased "smart displays" featuring their AI.

Google announced this week at CES that its voice Search in cars will be replaced with its technology known as Assistant.

There's a good chance you have a smart speaker somewhere in your home... but what about a smart display? A smart display has a tablet-sized screen that lets you see lists, pictures, and even video solutions to your queries. You will also get proper recommendations for your favourite contents to watch out and to explore within the display. In the meantime, CES 2018 might be filled with smart products until its final day.

The displays are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 624 microprocessor. Now that things have been upgraded to the full Google Assistant experience, you'll have a wider range of functions and tools available behind the wheel. "Google has many more moving forward there are question marks about how long Amazon can sustain the growth".

Over the last couple of days we've seen entires from JBL and Lenovo and now it's time for LG to show its hand. When it comes to the most eye-catching TVs, though, Samsung clearly stole the show with its massive TV concept called appropriately, The Wall, which is a huge 146-inch display built with microLED technology that can literally cover an entire wall, which Samsung also boasts is modular, allowing consumers to essentially build the ideal TV with a number of display modules that fit together to make the flawless size for each individual. The 8-inch model comes with a soft matte finish, while the 10-inch version can be customized with a bamboo finish. The additional auto features will give vehicle owners ready access to Alexa and make use of the services that the digital bot is programmed to dispense.

At CES 2018, Google promised a lot of new Assistant-powered speakers are coming, including touch screen speakers like Amazon's controversial Echo Show.

Google does aim targeting Amazon's Alexa with this device. Google claims that they will cover more number of devices later this year. The front-facing camera will come in handy for video calling, using Google Duo.

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