Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Business | By Max Garcia

Involuntary manslaughter charges filed in connection to Kansas swatting death

Involuntary manslaughter charges filed in connection to Kansas swatting death

The California man accused of making a phony 911 call that led to the fatal police shooting of a 28-year-old man has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Barriss is also facing charges regarding giving false alarm and falsely reporting a felony. Bond was set at $500,000.

Twenty-five-year-old Tyler Barriss made his first court appearance in Kansas Friday following extradition from California. Kansas prosecutes non-drug felonies based on this grid; it appears as though Bariss, if found guilty, would face a maximum of 55 months in prison on that one charge with the possibility for parole after three years.

Barriss was arrested the next day in Los Angeles. Responding officers fatally shot a man at the home.

At the tail end of 2017, we reported on the disastrous news of an innocent man being shot and killed after getting inadvertently tied to a swatting "prank" gone horribly wrong following an online Call of Duty match.

The false call made by Barriss is believed to have been the result of an online dispute between two Call of Duty players.

Neither Barriss nor Finch was involved in the disputed game, according to the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

Barriss had a reputation for helping people gain revenge against online enemies and gaming opponents through swatting - placing a hoax phone call about a risky situation in order to trigger a massive police response at an address to frighten its occupants. Barriss was allegedly targeting the home of a young woman he met online, authorities in Calgary said. Instead, one gamer is said to have provided two others with the Wichita address where Finch was killed. Officers said they believed he was reaching for a weapon, and fired, killing him.

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