Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

Ivanka praises Oprah's speech; Twitter isn't happy about it

President Trump, commenting on speculation that Oprah Winfrey is considering a 2020 US Presidential bid, claims he would beat her if she make run for office. I do think she's intrigued by the idea.

"Right now, Oprah's about 11:1, but keep in mind when Donald Trump ran he was 60:1 facing 16 opponents", he said.

"I want all of the girls watching here now to know, that a new day is on the horizon", she said in a speech about civil rights and the #MeToo movement.

In the wake of that speech, Winfrey's longtime partner Stedman Graham seemed to leave the idea of a Winfrey campaign open as a possibility.

Oprah won the annual Cecil B DeMille Award at the Golden Globes and the entertainment mogul delivered a rousing speech where she said that soon a time will come when women won't have to say "Me too" ever again.

"There's moments where you have to evaluate whether silence is going to be your only option", Witherspoon, who revealed past year that she was sexually assaulted by a director when she was 16, says in a clip from the interview released Friday.

Although she has previously said she has no plans to run for president, sources close to her told CNN she is "actively considering" a campaign in the wake of the Golden Globes. Sarah Sanders, press secretary, declined to engage in any questions regarding outsider candidacy.

Forget that she doesn't know a thing about foreign policy.

Jimmy Kimmel, host of the Late Night Show, reacted saying, "Given the choice between Oprah and our current president, I'm on the bus with Oprah travelling the country encouraging people to sign up and vote".

"I slept on it and came to the conclusion that the Oprah thing isn't that insane", tweeted Mr Dan Pfeiffer, a former senior adviser to Mr Barack Obama, the president whom Ms Winfrey was credited with helping to elect in 2008. And what's former "Today" show co-host and would-be daytime talker Tamron Hall really up to these days? "And we've seen this before in our history - where people who have tried to pop in that are not in politics and have had a hard time adjusting". And she had Donald Trump and my family, it was very nice.

"And he said, "Absolutely, she would".

"He is nothing but supportive, he would never throw it out there like that", Winfrey's best friend noted. - I thought it sounded nearly like a campaign speech. "Oprah has not spoken to Harvey Weinstein directly", her spokesperson told TMZ several months ago. Good for her for focusing on that. I think of myself as pretty hard-bitten and jaded, but I found it inspirational - even thrilling.

King, who attended the awards ceremony alongside Winfrey and Graham, said being in the room was 'electrifying'.

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