Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Matthews apologizes for Cosby comment

Matthews apologizes for Cosby comment

"Where's that Bill Cosby pill I brought with me?" he quips seconds later, prompting nervous laughter and stunned faces from those around him.

Among them, longtime "Today" star Matt Lauer was sacked for sexual misconduct; NBC News fired Senior Vice President Matt Zimmerman after he had "engaged in inappropriate conduct with more than one woman" at the network; and the MSNBC fired "Morning Joe" regular Mark Halperin for sexual misconduct and suspended contributors Glenn Thrush and Harold Ford Jr., who had also been accused of inappropriate behavior with women.

In it, Matthews first asks for "some of the Queen's waters, precious waters", mocking Clinton.

In a video recorded January 5, 2016, and first obtained by the Cut, Matthews is seen preparing for the interview Clinton.

Matthews said that it was a awful comment he made in poor taste when the Cosby case was in the headlines. "I realize that's no excuse".

Other incidents include Matthews ogling Melania Trump, saying Sarah Palin "could not be hotter as a candidate", and asking former Sen. "I deeply regret it and I'm sorry", he said.

Still, Matthews has long shown that he has no love for Clinton.

He wondered aloud in 2005 if the military would "take the orders" from a female commander in chief, like Clinton, Jezebel reported. He pinched her cheek after an interview in 2008, and suggested that her political career had been advanced because her husband had "messed around".

Last month, Matthews, who has hosted his nightly talk show on MSNBC since 1997, was accused of sexually harassing a staffer at the news channel in 1999. Based on people who were involved in the matter, the network concluded that the comments were inappropriate and juvenile but were not meant to be taken as propositions.

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