Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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'Teachers in Kashmir teach two maps to students'

'Teachers in Kashmir teach two maps to students'

Army chief General Bipin Rawat on Friday called for a major revamp of the entire government school system in trouble-torn Kashmir, stressing that the youth were being radicalised by the "corrupted" basic education structure and disinformation being spread by madrassas, masjids and social media.

"We have the possibility of more movements after the winter is over".

He highlighted that post the Doklam incident, the Army has increased patrolling activities in the northern border. On December 28, Indian troops foiled attempts by Chinese road building teams to construct a track around 1 km inside the Indian territory in Tuting, government sources had said. He said the road construction had been on in Doklam since 2000 but the Chinese soldiers had come close to Tosa Bala, dividing north and south Doklam in June previous year just before the India-China standoff started. Why are they taking risks?

He asserted that China may be a powerful country but India is not a weak nation either. The development of infrastructure needs to be stepped up, and requirement of systems met.

On the question of whether China was supporting terrorists, Rawat said, "They are not supporting terrorist directly".

"Even if it would have escalated we were prepared (as) the terrain usually favours us".

Army chief Bipin Rawat today said the threat of the use of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear weapons, collectively termed as CBRN, was becoming a "reality", particularly from "non-state actors".

Acknowledging the suspension of military aid to Pakistan by the US, General Rawat averred it was premature to talk how much of an impact it would have on Pakistan, India and the extended neighborhood. He said the government had told the army to conduct operation "in the manner they deem fit".

"Terrorists are a disposable commodity for Pakistan". We can not allow our neighbours Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, to drift away from us.

The Army chief said that the forces need to update weapons and technology from time to time.

"The casualties which Pakistan has suffered are three to four times more than we did".

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