Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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Trump Private Lawyer Sues Buzzfeed Over Russian Dossier

Trump Private Lawyer Sues Buzzfeed Over Russian Dossier

Trump's private lawyer, Michael Cohen, is suing BuzzFeed for publishing the Russian dossier which defamed him.

As to the lawsuit Trump filed against reporter and book author Tim O'Brien over how much Trump was worth, Simpson made this interesting observation: Trump "didn't prevail in his attempts to prove that he was a billionaire". He said his name is mentioned 15 times.

A spokesman for BuzzFeed News responded to the suit in a statement: "The dossier is, and continues to be, the subject of active investigations by Congress and intelligence agencies". It was presented to two successive presidents, and has been described in detail by news outlets around the world. "Its interest to the public is obvious", said BuzzFeed spokeswoman Katie Rayford.

Buzzfeed has publicly affirmed its decision to publish the material, claiming it to be clearly within the public interest and looks forward to defend its decision to do so on First Amendment freedom of press grounds.

The ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee released the transcript purportedly to show that although the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee had paid for it, it was Steele that wanted to go to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The suit did not immediately appear in the electronic court docket.

Fusion's lawyer, Joshua Levy, told Bloomberg he had not seen the lawsuit and that he had "not received a letter from counsel on anything". He has also talked to the House and Senate intelligence committees.

Simpson said that when then-FBI Director James Comey announced on October 28, 2016, that he was reopening the email investigation into Clinton's private server, Steele had "some sort of interaction" - "probably telephonic" - with the FBI.

Mr Trump has slammed the dossier as "bogus" and denies his campaign colluded with Russian Federation. This marks a change from his statement previous year when he said he would be willing to talk to Mueller under oath.

In one such text message Strzok sent to Page, he wrote "I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy's office that there's no way he gets elected-but I'm afraid we can't take that risk". "I, like all Americans - Republicans and Democrats alike - want to know to what extent Russian Federation involved themselves in our democratic process, and more importantly what can be done to stop future involvement by foreign governments".

Fusion GPS was reportedly first hired by Republican operatives, but later began providing research to Democrats after it became clear Trump would actually clinch the Republican nomination. Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee later commissioned Fusion and the work that led to the dossier, according to The Washington Post.

"For months, there has been a campaign to discredit Christopher Steele and cast doubt on the FBI's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election", said Sen.

Earlier, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley had taken the equally unusual step of seeking a criminal investigation of Steele, alleging he had lied to the FBI over his contacts with the news media about the dossier.

Cohen also filed a second defamation lawsuit against BuzzFeed, its editor-in-chief Ben Smith, and three writers for publishing the Trump dossier in January 2017, even though the liberal website admitted in its story that "the allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors".

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