Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Culture | By Stewart Greene

WWE's Paige reportedly not cleared to return, career could be "done"

WWE's Paige reportedly not cleared to return, career could be

So if she really is "done" with wrestling, then they must have determined she's too injured to continue her in-ring career.

WWE wrestler Paige will no longer compete in the ring due to a neck injury she suffered last month, PWInsider's Mike Johnson reports. After being away from the WWE for almost 18 months due to a string of suspensions, surgeries and public scandals, she finally returned to the ring on the November 20 episode of Monday Night Raw, introducing the new faction Absolution alongside Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

But last month the youngest ever Divas Champion suffered a serious injury after a kick by Sasha Banks during a house show at the Nassau Coliseum in NY. Paige experienced something called a "stinger" which is when you temporarily lose feelings in your limbs. And since she previously suffered a neck injury in 2016, WWE pulled her from the ring to do more tests.

The injury wasn't initially believed to be terribly serious, and WWE booked her to participate in the women's Royal Rumble later this month. She's well liked in the company, and could transition to another role, according to PWInsider. That said, the chances look very slim sadly so she may have to rethink her future career options. And it's also worth noting she was involved in a controversial relationship with former WWE star, Alberto Del Rio. There were a number of incidents that played out in the public eye involving the couple, included a July 2017 scene at the Orlando International Airport that was so bad, local authorities got involved, later determining not only that Paige was the aggressor in the situation but that there was enough evidence to prosecute her for domestic violence battery. She would hold the Divas championship twice. She has had a role on Total Divas in the past as well.

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