Published: Sun, January 14, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

Africa calls Trump racist after 'shithole' remark

Africa calls Trump racist after 'shithole' remark

When I mentioned that fact to him, he said, 'Haitians?

"Instead of remembering the victims, we are dealing with a derogatory and racist comment", said Ingrid Francoeur Adams, who was born and raised in Haiti. Mr Trump said after being presented with a proposal to restore protections for immigrants from the countries in question. We have Haitians who are driving cabs all throughout this country. The president then suggested that the United States should "bring more people from countries like Norway".

"My hope is that it will inspire individuals to say I'm going to live my life to prove them wrong, that statement wrong, the misconceptions wrong, or the labels wrong", Jacques said.

"The African Union Mission wishes to express its infuriation, disappointment and outrage over the unfortunate comment made by Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, which remarks dishonor the celebrated American creed and respect for diversity and human dignity".

All 54 African ambassadors to the United Nations decried Donald Trump's reported remarks as "outrageous, racist, and xenophobic" on Friday, a day after U.S. media reported that Trump had referred to African states, Haiti, and El Salvador as "s***hole countries". "As Haitians, we may be poor, but we have a lot of quality". The comments, allegedly made by Trump, have also prompted widespread accusations of racism and disrespect towards other nations.

Botswana's government on Friday summoned the United States ambassador to complain about remarks reportedly made by President Donald Trump, describing African nations as "s***hole countries".

Samantha Power, who served as US ambassador to the United Nations under President Obama, shared the ambassadors' statement on Twitter.

The comments revived charges that Trump is racist and roiled already tenuous immigration talks that included discussion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals programmes, or DACA.

Trump took particular issue with the idea that people who had fled to the USA after disasters hit their homes in places such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Haiti would be allowed to stay as part of the deal. "Probably should record future meetings - unfortunately, no trust!" Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin, the only Democrat in the meeting, said the president indeed used those words.

'Mr. President, will you give an apology for the statement yesterday?' asked the correspondent. 'Mr. That's when he used these vile and vulgar comments, calling the nations they come from, 's***holes.' The exact word used by the president - not just once, but repeatedly.

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