Published: Tue, January 16, 2018
Business | By Max Garcia

Pre-Order the PlayStation 4 Pro 'Monster Hunter

Pre-Order the PlayStation 4 Pro 'Monster Hunter

You can pre-order it for the PS4 here, and the Xbox One here.

Standalone Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro also coming to North America. Instead, each offers a unique style or color scheme, much like we see with the Xbox One S bundles over on the Microsoft side of the fence.

According to this week's issue of the popular Japanese magazine Famitsu, the publication apparently reveres Monster Hunter World so greatly that it nearly gave the title the status of a classic in its rankings by giving it a review score of 39 out of 40. Launching alongside Capcom's action adventure on 26th January, this monster 1TB PS4 Pro is daubed in eye-catching artwork featuring the fire wyvern Rathalos. If you're in the United States, it'll be available exclusively at GameStop for $399.99. Think the Glacier White PS4 Pro is cool as ice?

In related news, Sony Interactive Entertainment also announced that it will release the Glacier White PlayStation Pro for the first time as a standalone console in North America exclusively at GameStop at the end of January for $399.99 United States dollars. So rather than have it taking up resources during the console development and not it not being able to have our full attention on it.

Both consoles will be available exclusively at GameStop in the US and Canada.

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