Published: Thu, January 18, 2018
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Justin Timberlake Tries To Convince You He's Woke In 'Supplies' Music Video

Justin Timberlake Tries To Convince You He's Woke In 'Supplies' Music Video

Justin Timberlake released the dystopian music video for his new song "Supplies" on Thursday, January 18 - and the catchy tune is going to be stuck in your head all day.

The four-minute video sees Timberlake watching multiple TV screens depicting political news and world events, including Black Lives Matter marches, anti-Donald Trump protests, Weinstein's face, and protesters holding up "End Racism Now" and "MeToo" signs.

Presumably, JT is telling all of us to stay woke. "Met you out on Broadway / On the hottest night in town", he sings on the Neptunes-produced track.

Early on in the Dave Meyers-directed clip, Justin semi-rescues a woman played by singer/actress Eiza González, from being harassed by literal white people (she, however, does the punching) before they take off and experience the wild world they're living in. Later, a pyramid is blown up on a city rooftop.

The pair then zap to a Matrix-like scenario where they free suspended bodies from anti-gravity traps by ripping glowing rings off their necks before they are, literally, consumed by fire as they kiss and embrace amid the chaos.

It ends with Justin in the desert, while a small child screams "Die already".

Neither the song nor the video seem to fulfill any of the promises that were made about Man of the Woods feeling like "mountains, trees, campfires", and a modern take on the Wild West.

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