Published: Thu, January 18, 2018
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Reason behind Black death has been most misunderstood until now

Reason behind Black death has been most misunderstood until now

But now scientists from the University of Oslo and the University of Ferrara believe human vermin such as body lice and human fleas might have caused the epidemic.

Rats have been carrying the stigma of the Black Plague for over half a millennium, but it may turn out that they weren't the real culprits-in fact, dirty humans may be to blame. It is begun by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, a Gram-negative, rod-shaped coccobacillus and non-mobile with zero spores. So basically, as the rodents carry the bacterium, therefore, rats were accountable for the deaths in Europe, assumptions claims.

A new study suggests that humans - and not rats - could have been the cause for the spread of plague during the Black Death.

Researchers from Oslo University created a mathematical model for how people would have died if rats were the villains.

Black Death devastated inhabitants in Europe involving 1346 and also 1353, murdering up to 200million people, according to estimates.

The bones of a suspected victim of the bubonic plague are seen in London.

As per current understanding, the disease is believed to get transmitted after fleas that have fed on infected rats go on to bite humans. The researchers found that there was a familiar similarity between the outburst and the human model while compared with the other two alternatives in seven of the cases.

"It has always been hypothesized that there is another way that plague can spread between humans - that human fleas [such as Pulex irritans] and [body] lice can cause epidemics by biting humans serially, even if rats are not present in large numbers", he explained. It was fleas and lice on people, not rats, that spread the disease between the 14th and 19th centuries in Europe, according to a study published today (January 16) in PNAS.

Black Death struck terror into medieval populations with symptoms including alien-looking swellings that oozed pus and blood and acute fever.

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