Published: Fri, January 19, 2018
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California Couple Accused of Torturing Their Kids Had Ties to North Texas

California Couple Accused of Torturing Their Kids Had Ties to North Texas

They're accused of keeping their children captive in their Perris home.

Inside the home, the new owner said she found something unusual. "Now that I'm an adult, I look back, I see things that I didn't see then". No movement, like if they were told not to speak to anybody. Still, Flores said, she is praying for her sister. They weren't allowed to talk on the phone, have friends over, stuff like that. "It was awkward that it was at 9 night but they were in their yard".

Louise Turpin's other sister, Teresa Robinette, spoke with Today about the situation and said that she had anxious about the children in the past.

David Turpin was also charged with committing a lewd act against a child by force or fear or duress, District Attorney Mike Hestrin told a press conference, adding that bail had been set at Dollars 13 million for each of the defendants.

The family, from Perris, California, were found by police from Riverside County Sheriff's Department on Sunday morning.

"Nothing seemed to be unusual, except the fact that there was a lot of them - a lot of kids", Kent Ripley said.

Several of them were chained to beds with padlocks in dark and foul-smelling rooms, police said. "It's hard to think of them as adults when you first see them because they're small, and it's very clear that they're [malnourished]".

A statement from Riverside County Sheriff's Office said: 'The victims appeared to be malnourished and very dirty'.

Authorities were seeking court authorization to take custody of the children. Investigators have yet to determine how long the children had been living in those conditions. Several neighbors have said that although they knew of the family, they had no idea how many kids lived there.

David Turpin and Louise Turpin.

"If convicted of all charges, they face 94 up to life in prison", Hestrin told reporters in Riverside. It is unclear if they have attorneys who can speak on their behalf. Milligan said she asked herself, Reuters reported. 'In hindsight, we would have never thought this, but there were red flags. But there were red flags. However, they never saw the younger children and they were "suspicious" of the situation.

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