Published: Mon, January 22, 2018
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl Comeback

Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl Comeback

Eastern and central Pennsylvania fans of Justin Timberlake won't have to worry about the pop singer skipping Philadelphia on this tour.

Timberlake has not publicly apologized to Jackson for the incident that seemingly sent her career into a free-fall (though she's recently been touring), but in a recent Beats 1 Radio interview with Zane Lowe, the bearded, beanie-and-flannel-wearing Man of the Woods implied that he had resolved things with Jackson.

The singer discussed how he felt about the incident with Beats 1 host Zane Lowe as he prepares to take the stage February 4 for the halftime show of Super Bowl LII.

Timberlake continues, "I feel like the success of parenthood is feeling like I failed all day today, but I get to wake up tomorrow and do it again ... and hopefully they turn out to be a good human being".

That being said, the triple threat star admitted that the journey through fatherhood hasn't been easy. "My parents divorced when I was young, my grandfather was very much a father figure to me", he explained.

Bonus round: chick wearing a "PUSSY GRABS BACK" t-shirt; JT transfixed by a wall of TVs showing all the Bad Shit going down in the world; the lyric "it makes me a generous lover".

One reads "STOP GOV'T CRIMES", while another says "WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS", and "END RACISM NOW". Were we at a bar?

While Timberlake didn't give a timeline on when (or if for sure) he and Biel plan to expand their family, it sounds like little Silas is sure to be a big help with any potential future siblings.

He told Lowe that he "stumbled through" the XXXVIII performance.

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