Published: Wed, January 31, 2018
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EPA chief in 2016 called Trump a threat to US Constitution

EPA chief in 2016 called Trump a threat to US Constitution

Later in the interview, Pruitt described his fears about why Trump would be more "abusive" than Obama. At the time, Pruitt was the attorney general of Oklahoma, as well as a policy adviser to Jeb Bush, who was contending for the GOP nomination.

"I don't, senator", Pruitt said.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse sought to use Pruitt's own words against him during an oversight hearing and had an aide hold the quotes up on large signs.

Pruitt testified in front of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee today for the first time since his confirmation hearing roughly one year ago. "I really believe he would use a blunt instrument".

The interview, unearthed by The Washington Post, finds then Oklahoma Attorney General Pruitt disregarding the Trump candidacy entirely, saying it would be unsafe for our country.

Pruitt's February 4, 2016, interview on the "Pat Campbell Radio Show" was uncovered and circulated Tuesday by the corporate watchdog group Documented. And Democratic lawmakers have been awaiting their chance to grill him on the rollbacks and delays of environmental enforcement at the EPA on his watch.

Duckworth criticized Pruitt for taking the Morocco trip, saying it is not the responsibility of the EPA administrator to promote natural gas exports. "Those aren't achievements, Mr. Pruitt".

Pruitt brushed off questions from reporters as he left the hearing, but minutes later EPA's press office issued a statement disavowing his 2016 comments on the radio.

In his Senate testimony today, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt displayed complete contempt for the mission of the department he leads, as well as its efforts to protect human health and the environment, said EWG President Ken Cook. "I think executive orders with Donald Trump would be a very blunt instrument with respect to the Constitution".

Pruiit also agreed with a characterization repeated by Campbell of Trump as "our bully" for the GOP.

In the segment, Campbell asks Pruitt: "Given your comments about hubris, I'm going to say that you're probably not a big Trump supporter?"

"I think he has tendencies that we see in emerging countries around the world where - he goes to the disaffected - those individuals". "And that's a risky place to be".

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