Published: Thu, February 08, 2018
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Evraz responds to pipeline dispute between BC and Alberta

Evraz responds to pipeline dispute between BC and Alberta

"If the premier of B.C. came to his senses, I would look at putting the wines back on the menu", she said.

In the days since, Alberta has suspended electricity purchase talks with B.C. and announced an embargo on the province's wine.

The premier also says he's not going to retaliate and won't fall into Alberta's trade dispute.

Prior to Notley's letter Tweetfest, Boundary-Similkameen MLA Linda Larson, who represents several wine regions in the South Okanagan and Similkameen, fired out a Tweet of her own.

During Notley's Tuesday announcement, she stated the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission would immediately halt all imports of BC wine.

Politically, Notley needs the pipeline built to have any hope of re-election next year; B.C. Premier John Horgan campaigned on a promise to kill it off.

COMOX, B.C- A Comox Valley winery stands to lose thousands due to Alberta's B.C wine ban.

But just last week Horgan suggested the opposite: it would be "premature" for Alberta to file a legal challenge against B.C. because "there's nothing to take to court".

"It feels like we're an easy target because everyone likes wine", she said.

The wine institute has also contacted the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission and have confirmed anyone with a booked "Advance Shipping Notice" will have wines accepted by Connect Logistics until February 14.

"It is Trans Mountain's intention to put people to work and to create jobs and opportunities through our expansion project, so it is unfortunate that any of this has happened, even tangentially", the statement said.

Examining the wine side of the equation a little more closely, consider that most of the wine produced in British Columbia is directly or indirectly controlled by three large companies: Arterra Wines Canada, headquartered in Mississauga; Andrew Peller Ltd., headquartered in Grimsby, Ont.; Mission Hill/von Mandl Family Estates, a private entity now controlling approximately 10 per cent of the vineyard acreage in the Okanagan Valley, with principal offices in Kelowna, Vancouver and Toronto.

"I think if anything it's a shame for the people of Alberta because they're missing out on some really lovely wine and as an alternative they're probably going to be buying global which doesn't help anyone in Canada".

Notley said she is prepared to risk being hit by fines under the New West Partnership trade agreement.

Horgan insisted Tuesday and again Wednesday that his NDP government "will stand with B.C. wine producers".

According to an earlier press release from BC Wine Institute, 30 per cent of all wine sold in Alberta is from B.C. and that "a working free-trade relationship between Alberta and British Columbia is imperative to securing economic well being in Canada".

In response, Horgan said he doesn't intend to respond to any provocation from Alberta. It hurts to know that our friends in B.C. will have to suffer while our two provinces battle it out. "It's well-known that we share the same political flag".

There are issues. The pipeline, all of this, that need to be worked out, but (for) most of us in the industry, it's silly and it's childish.

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