Published: Sat, February 10, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

'I killed my sister, okay?'

'I killed my sister, okay?'

Obdulia Sanchez continued to film on Instagram as her 14-year-old sister Jacqueline lay dying after being thrown from the vehicle in Los Banos, California.

Obdulia Sanchez, 19, of Stockton was sentenced Thursday for gross vehicular manslaughter, DUI and child endangerment stemming from the death of her 14-year-old sister during the July crash.

Sanchez was 18 when she live-streamed the crash on Instagram, which showed her beside her dead 14-year-old sister Jacqueline Sanchez. Sanchez's video went viral, with viewers recording copies of the Instagram livestream before it disappeared from her social media story.

Sanchez read a statement prior to her sentencing expressing remorse for the crash.

She pleaded no contest to the multiple felony charges last week. I know I'm going to jail for life alright.

She was arrested after a blood test at Los Banos Memorial Hospital revealed her blood alcohol content was registered at 0.106 about 90 minutes after the crash. I f-- killed my sister, OK? "I'm sorry baby. I'm a hold it down". My negligence killed my sister.

Merced County Deputy Public Defender Ramnik Samrao argued for probation and no jail time for Sanchez, saying that a prison sentence would blunt her potential after a hard childhood racked with alleged abuse.

Told the elder sister leading up to her sentencing on Thursday, 'I'm so sorry, if I could take her place, I would.

'I think this video can get a lot of people to think twice about using their phones while driving now'.

With time she already has spent in jail and with good behavior in prison, Sanchez could be eligible for release on September 21, 2020.

Obdulia Sanchez is seen in a photo released by the Merced County Sheriff's Department.

"I don't f------ care though", Sanchez said in the video as she increasingly grows panicked, slapping her sister in the face. In an eight-page letter, which she wrote while at the John Latorraca Correctional Facility and sent to local CBS affiliate KPGE, she stated: "P.S: I made that video because I knew I had more than 5K followers". Min pushed for the maximum penalty of 12 years for what he said was "callousness" exhibited by Sanchez. She was later abducted, and then trafficked a year before she was placed in a group home. He says her language in the video was a cry for help.

He split the difference and gave her over six years.

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