Published: Sat, February 10, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Instagram test lets some share other users' posts in Stories

Instagram test lets some share other users' posts in Stories

The Instagram feature is directed to users with accounts on Instagram that have concerns about privacy. For the past couple of months, Instagram has been quickly adding new features to its app, and it is now testing another new feature to expand Stories.

Instagram users may soon be able to share Instagram posts and upload it to their Stories. It could be rotated, resized or moved it around as per the users wish.

Now Instagram is reportedly testing the ability to Regram other people's photos in the Stories you create. Instagram recently updated two features of Story, to add GIFs and change in font while posting stories on Instagram.

Instagram is testing a feature that finally lets users share others people's public posts to their stories. However, those with public accounts may not want to have their posts shared this way either, and Instagram lets you shut it down if that's the case. But, the screenshot and screen-recording function essentially allow one to make permanent copies of the post if they want to.

Shakked also shared an image of the privacy setting option, which explains that if the feature is on, other people can add your posts to their stories and your username will always show up with the shared post.

Last year, Instagram added a range of new features to its phone application such as allowing the users to edit pictures that their friends sent through means of direct messaging. This new option appears in camera under the record button.

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