Published: Sat, February 10, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

Night to Shine being held tonight in Dubuque, Marion and Washington

Night to Shine being held tonight in Dubuque, Marion and Washington

The limousine rides this night were donated by Runge Mortuary and Crematory.

Throughout the year, churches apply to the Tim Tebow Foundation in order to host one of these events.

Among the police at the event included Chief Paul Sikorski, who had more than a dozen people tell him they wanted to be police.

Each "Night to Shine" welcomes its honored guests with the royal treatment: tuxedos and shoe shining stations for the kings, and gorgeous dresses and hair and makeup stations for the queens, along with corsages and boutonnieres.

His Tim Tebow CURE Hospital in the Philippines also serves children with special needs by providing them with necessary medical care.

"You can see how much it means to these special people", Angerer said.

A Night to Shine gives those with special needs a chance to experience prom. "They can dance the night away".

"I think it's a great initiative to get the ball rolling and offer more events like this", Davis said.

"To me this night is better than christmas because everyone's so grateful to be hear, and they are having such a fabulous time", said event coordinator Kristi Crawford. "It's just really exciting just the atmosphere and just the joy on their faces", said Brannen. "We are all special in God's eyes".

"I hope we can just have a good time and dance and be there for her, to be a friend and be there for her", said Hyslop.

The party ended at 9 p.m., with everyone exhausted, but the smiles never faded.

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