Published: Sat, February 10, 2018
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The Podium: How Nathan Chen, US Women's Hockey changed the game

The Podium: How Nathan Chen, US Women's Hockey changed the game

The married US pair, the Knierims, were almost flawless after their short program.

Grand Prix Final champion Nathan Chen made his Olympic debut in PyeongChang as part of the USA quad competing in the team event on Thursday night.

Those who couldn't make the 10 a.m.

He is slated to skate again in the men's individual event next Friday.

Skating off the ice on Friday morning after that short program, Chan says he instantly felt better after teammates greeted him with a standing ovation and their Crest commercial-like smiles. Chen was even further off his best, his 80.61 score Friday, almost 24 points shy of his season's best.

Alexa said her first time back on the ice she had to hold onto Chris and only was able to skate a few laps due to her weakened state.

"It's just some parts of the lyrics removed".

In first place is Shoma Uno, who is often seen as Japan's No. 2 man behind reigning Olympic and world champion Yuzuru Hanyu.

Alexei Bychenko earned a new personal best of 88.49 for a second place finish in the Men's event for his upbeat routine to the Jewish folk song "Hava Nagila".

A solid fourth-place performance by Alexa Scimeca Knierim and Chris Knierim in the pairs section moved the USA up to second in the team standings with 14 points. Japan is third with 13. The Pyeongchange organizing committee confirmed late last month that 655,000 out of 1.07 million total tickets have been sold or 61 percent. She taught Chen art during his time at the school, and she remembers him as "the most humble, sweet, never braggy" child. It was not clear if the outfit included blue suede shoes as well. Timing and precision are key in an ice dancing routine. Fentz's musical choice provided the morning's first interesting moment on the ice.

"Honestly, I try not to think about it". "I'm going to sound a little partisan as an American, but if you sort of start from America and go east - the nationalistic bias seems to go up". I am a little bigger than the other skaters in the upper body, and when I get really tight it really affects the jumps. "It makes the jumps move into the air as opposed to staying straight".

Skating after the men in the pairs, Germany's Bruno Massot lashed out at the competition schedule after his partner Aljona Savchenko took a hard fall on their throw triple flip.

"Yes, normally if it was just me by myself I would start analyzing it and being disappointed in the skate. Also, I am upset that I let the rest of the team down but I am confident that they will be able to pull through with good skates". "I'm the only skater now who can do all five quads". They've said they look forward to spending Valentines Day together at the Games, but moreso, the chance to win another medal in PyeongChang.

Taking one for the team is good.

His role in South Korea is to ensure a level playing field, literally. Among the 243 athletes representing Team USA are six of the best skaters in the world.

The Russian skaters were cheered on by a vociferous group of fans waving Russian flags and holding up signs spelling out "Russia in My Heart". The judges weren't almost as generous, awarding Kolyada a 74.36 score for eighth place.

Uno said he was surprised by the number of mistakes by the others and said the early start time might have contributed. I am the type of skater that takes time since I've gotten older, to warm up and to get up to the quads and get comfortable in competition. "So I am satisfied with that".

"I hope jet-lag will help a bit".

Hanyu injured ligaments in his right foot during a fall in training in November. He said they have a strategic game plan worked out. You can get healed.' We've taken it slow, but it's been productive.

"He just needs time". Every day he was getting stronger and stronger. No word on whether he slept in.

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