Published: Sun, February 11, 2018
Culture | By Stewart Greene

South Africa's ANC losing support amid Zuma uncertainty

South Africa's ANC losing support amid Zuma uncertainty

South Africans are abuzz over what could be scandal-tainted President Jacob Zuma's final days in office.

Ramaphosa had earlier withdrawn from the programme and was expected to continue his meeting with Zuma.

Yesterday, News24 reported that five of the top six in the ANC had pulled out of all mass mobilisation events that were planned for Cape Town because officials had been summoned to Gauteng for urgent matters.

Ramaphosa met with Zuma on Tuesday, after he refused to step down during a meeting with the top six on Sunday. Critics questioned the legality of Mbeki's removal, as the constitution only says parliament can remove the president through impeachment or a motion of no confidence.

Mantashe confirmed to SABC that the party's top 6 is meeting today without Zuma.

Robert Besseling, executive director of EXX Africa, a political risk advisory firm, said that control over the national prosecuting authority and state-owned enterprises will be "crucially important" in the negotiations over Mr Zuma's ouster.

The former deputy president of South Africa and key member of the ruling African National Congress, Baleka Mbete, said pressure was being applied by "interested parties" to bring about a resolution to the country's current crisis. What is this thing you are talking about called transition?

"Don't dictate what he should do and put labels to force him to do what you think must be done now", Mantashe said, slamming analysts who this week asked "where are Ramaphosa's balls" amidst the country's anxiety over Zuma's future.

Another ANC MP said Ramaphosa did not want to cut any deal with Zuma on his legal troubles, saying he did not have the authority to grant Zuma immunity from prosecution on the 783 charges of corruption as it would be illegal. "And we said to him it's handing over power to Cyril, but we are managing that", said Mashatile.

A source in the Presidency also said Zuma could be gone by the weekend as he was wrapping up his business. Ramaphosa has said anyone involved in wrongdoing, regardless of who they are, should be punished. But he reiterated that the discussions would be finalised in due course. "I think early in this coming week it should be clearer, after more consultations that will happen over the weekend", Ms Mbete, who now serves as speaker of South Africa's sometimes-raucous National Assembly, said. They said they would no longer wait until February 22, because the ANC was refusing to fire Zuma.

This week in an unprecedented move, the State of the Nation Address (SONA) was postponed to allow the ANC to finalise Zuma's fate.

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