Published: Sun, February 11, 2018
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Troubles mount for Manikarnika as Brahmin groups threaten its release

Troubles mount for Manikarnika as Brahmin groups threaten its release

Brahmin Mahasabha in Rajasthan has risen up against Kangana Ranaut's film, alleging that the film shows a love scene between Rani Laxmibai and a British officer.

"We have raised the issue so that nobody plays with history and hurts sentiments of the society", he added.

"JAIPUR-Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut on February 8 said there was nothing controversial in her upcoming movie 'Manikarnika", adding that the controversy is being created just for the simple reason that a few people want to get famous. What they are saying is actually defaming.

The clouds of trouble that were looming large around currently under-production film Manikarnika have now surrounded it completely and the inevitable has happened. Now, we hear that Brahmin Samaj withdrew the protest after Manikarnika team gave them assurance that there is nothing derogatory in the film and no facts have been distorted. "It is idle talk and I don't know why it is being said", PTI quoted the actress as saying.

"There is nothing controversial in Manikarnika".

"Mr Kamal Jain met the leaders today and gave them in writing that there is no distortion of history or nothing objectionable about the film", the source told yesterday.

"Jain has convinced us that the film will stick to the historical facts and bring out the best of the character of Jhansi Ki Rani. After they gave us a written assurance to this effect, we have made a decision to withdraw our protest", claimed SBM president Suresh Mishra.

Responding to all the religious outfits who claim that the film misrepresents their queen, the writer via a press release said that there is no scene in the film that would degrade her in any way.

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