Published: Sun, February 11, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

Trump signs budget deal, bringing end to second shutdown of 2018

Trump signs budget deal, bringing end to second shutdown of 2018

President Donald Trump signed the colossal bill into law early Friday morning.

The House narrowly passed a sweeping bipartisan budget accord early today, ending an hours-long government shutdown and clearing a path for huge spending increases for both the Pentagon and domestic programs.

Trump said that without more Republicans in the Senate, his administration had to increase spending on things it did not like or wanted to "take care of the military".

That won over many Republicans, but some were furious over the $131 billion extra made available for non-military spending, including health and infrastructure.

The budget measure, H.R. 1892, will temporarily finance the government at current levels through March 23 while lawmakers fill in the details on longer-term spending, which includes raising the caps on defense spending by $80 billion over current law in this fiscal year and $85 billion in the one that begins October 1. But nothing ever got done to hold down spending and the growth of government. The budget plan also was drawing support from Republicans representing states that would benefit from $89 billion in aid to speed recovery from last year's hurricanes and wildfires. That was a key part of his agreement with Schumer that ended the last shutdown and led to the budget deal.

The Senate also approved the measure earlier on Friday morning.

At midnight on Thursday, funding authority for most federal agencies expired without any intervening action by Congress. Markets barely flinched at the last shutdown in January, but that was before a sell-off that started on January 30 amid concerns about inflation and higher interest rates.

"Now we have Republicans hand in hand with Democrats offering us trillion-dollar deficits. I can't in all honesty look the other way".

The libertarian-leaning lawmaker said GOP lawmakers who had railed against deficit spending under former President Barack Obama, a Democrat, suddenly were willing to increase spending by hundreds of billions of dollars now that a Republican is office. The plan could demoralize some Republican voters, hurting the party's efforts to keep its majorities in the House and Senate, they said. But domestic spending is out of control.

These young adults were brought illegally to the country as children, mostly from Mexico.

Trump urged Congress to act before then.

Prior to the Senate adjourning just before 2 a.m., McConnell set up a procedural vote for February 12 on shell legislation that will be used as the vehicle for the chamber's debate on immigration.

House Speaker Paul Ryan had not offered Pelosi an equivalent promise in the House, although he said in a speech before the vote on Friday that he would push ahead for a deal.

"If you were against President Obama's deficits and now you're for the Republican deficits, isn't that the very definition of hypocrisy?" he said, adding later, "Are we to be conservative all the time or only when we're in the minority?"

"My commitment to working together on an immigration measure that we can make law is a honest commitment", he said.

But Pelosi said Ryan's words fell short, accusing him of not having "the courage to lift the shadow of fear from the lives of" Dreamers who face the prospect of deportation.

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