Published: Mon, February 12, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

ANC meeting to finalise Zuma's fate

ANC meeting to finalise Zuma's fate

Ramaphosa said Sunday that he recognizes South Africans want a resolution to the leadership crisis and that the ruling party committee will provide it.

The deputy president - Cyril Ramaphosa - would take power and it would be up to the national assembly to pick a new president within 30 days.

"Our people want this matter finalized", Ramaphosa told a crowd of about 3,000 people on the Grand Parade next to the Cape Town city hall on Sunday to commemorate the 28th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's release from prison.

Following nine years of reign, the 75-year-old leader is ahead of several charges of corruption.

Mr Ramaphosa clarified the key aim of transition talks with Mr Zuma was to unite South Africans.

"As we emerge from a period of difficulty, disunity and discord, this centenary year offers us a new beginning", he said.

On Friday Madiba-Zuma defended her beleaguered husband on social media, saying those trying to push him out should know that "kuzoshuba - ungalwi nomuntu ongalwi nawe" (loosely meaning that "things will get rough - don't fight with someone who is not fighting you").

South Africa's ruling ANC met on Monday to "finalise" the departure of embattled President Jacob Zuma after party chief Cyril Ramaphosa promised to bring "closure" to deadlocked talks.

What has Mr Zuma done wrong?

If he refuses, he faces the threat of impeachment in Parliament.

Efforts by top leaders to convince Zuma to graciously step down have so far been unfruitful, hence the meeting by the executive committee which has the power to recall it's representative in the office of the president.

He told them he is doing his work as party leader and will report back to ANC structures when that work is done.

Since Ramaphosa was elected ANC president in December, pressure has been mounting for Zuma to resign as head of state amid allegations of his involvement in a series of corruption scandals.

So, will the ANC force Zuma out of office or will the so-called "teflon" president resign on his own terms?

Correspondents say that if the NEC agrees to recall Mr Zuma, it would be very hard for him to resist.

Last week, Ramaphosa called discussions with Zuma "fruitful".

"Section 102 states that 'If the National Assembly‚ by a vote supported by a majority of its members‚ passes a motion of no confidence in the President‚ the President and the other members of the Cabinet and any Deputy Ministers must resign‚'" said Lekota. In one case, the High Court ruled last month that Mr. Zuma was guilty of "abuse of judicial process" and ordered him to personally defray legal costs.

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