Published: Mon, February 12, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

ANC panel set to decide on South African leader Zuma's fate

ANC panel set to decide on South African leader Zuma's fate

The rand was expected to test R11/$ if the matter were resolved and Zuma's reign ended, said TreasuryOne currency dealer Gerard van der Westhuizen. Should he continue to refuse, he could be removed in a 22 February non-confidence motion brought to parliament by the opposition. It is not a very cheerful Twitter stream these days.

Who was holding the mike during Nelson Mandela's speech...can you spot him?

"The NEC should not make a mistake and disappoint us..."

Mr Zuma has retained enough support among party officials to make it hard for Mr Ramaphosa to swiftly see him out.

The ANC NEC have been called to a special meeting in Pretoria on Monday afternoon, where it is believed that the agenda will be about Zuma's exit as president.

His presidency has covered more than a third of South Africa's time after apartheid, but it has been dogged by scandal.

The NWC meet at ANC party headquarters, Luthuli house, in Johannesburg. "We are not spectators to the ANC shambles".

That Zuma had been playing the tribal card was attested to by his former allies in the South African Communist Party who accused him of stirring up ethnic mobilisation.

Ramaphosa was elected to the chairmanship of the ANC in mid-December amid great hopes for political reform.

"We can not condone or allow Zuma to escape accountability for breaking his oath of office and putting his friends and family above the best interests of the people of South Africa", said James Selfe, the party's federal council chairperson. Sticking points could include concerns over possible prosecution for corruption allegations that remain against Zuma. Talks about a transition of power are due to be concluded within a matter of days, Ramaphosa said in a statement on Wednesday. The State of the Nation Address (SONA) is similar to a US president's state of the union address and therefore a major South African parliamentary calendar event. Officials are saying the address was postponed, rather than canceled outright, and promising to reschedule it soon.

Speaker of the National Assembly Baleka Mbete told United Kingdom media that the issue of Zuma's resignation would be over with "quite soon", with an announcement expected as early as the new week. "Hopefully early in the week we should be utterly able to indicate we're moving on". ANC spokesman Pule Mabe he didn't know whether they would be meeting.

Ramaphosa, followed later by other members of the Top Six, pulls out of a scheduled public event for the day to focus on "pressing matters". "That is what Nelson Mandela would have wanted".

One relates to 783 payments he allegedly received linked to an arms deal before he came to power. The opposition is still complaining from the sidelines while the serious drama occurs between factions of the ANC.

Ramaphosa has previously called for Zuma not to be humiliated, even if he was ousted.

Under Zuma, the ANC won less than 54 percent of the vote in local elections in 2016.

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