Published: Mon, February 12, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Instagram Now Alerts People When You Screenshot Their Stories

Instagram Now Alerts People When You Screenshot Their Stories

As you know, the popular Stories feature on all most all every social media that supports it has a short span of life.

Whenever users take a screenshot while watching a Story, Instagram will snitch on you by placing a shutter-shaped icon next to your handle. Instagram is testing the Screenshot Alert for stories.

While Instagram Stories are meant to last 24 hours, taking a screenshot means that it will pretty much last forever, which sometimes isn't what other people want and they will now know when you do it.

Basically, Instagram Stories is the exact same feature as was seen earlier on Snapchats where it was called as Snap.

Since the feature is now on testing phase, only users that are part of the test are able to have a sneak peek of it. To be exactly clear, the owners of the original posts would not be getting some specific alert when someone takes a screenshot of their story, however, it would only show up in their list of story viewers. The new feature appears to be aimed at curbing the spread of cyberstalking, and ensure better privacy for users.

As per a statement given to the TechCrunch Instagram affirmed the test and said that we are always finding methods and ways for improving the experience on Instagram to make it simpler for everyone to share their moments with people who matter the most.

Notably, Instagram introduced a similar screenshot feature back in 2016 that provided notification when someone took a screenshot of a private direct message. However, with the upcoming feature, it will be easier for you to keep a tab on who is secretly saving a screenshot of your the vanishing stories.

Following Snapchat's lead, Instagram may also notify users when someone takes a screenshot of their Stories.

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