Published: Mon, February 12, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Over 55s flock to Facebook as teenagers leave in droves for Snapchat

Over 55s flock to Facebook as teenagers leave in droves for Snapchat

However, a new report suggests Facebook is losing the battle for younger users to Snapchat and other options. eMarketer's latest social network usage forecast expects fewer new users under 24 will sign up to Facebook during 2018.

Facebook is still adding monthly users, but they are mainly from older age groups - and not all the young people leaving the platform are going to Facebook-owned Instagram, which is not growing as fast as Snapchat. With a slew of other apps and sites available on the market, it seems that youngsters are not that into Facebook anymore.

While Facebook may lose out on the number of new, younger users, growth among those over the age of 55 is expected to prop up its user growth figures. Facebook remains the biggest social media platform, however, with the number of regular users of the network hitting 1.54 billion - or 62.2% of all social media users. According to eMarketer, however, the number of Facebook users aged 11 or younger will drop by 9.3 percent in the United States.

EMarketer said United Kingdom trends were closely tracking those in the USA, where Snapchat set to gain the most new users in the coveted 12 to 17 age bracket this year.

Overall, the number of total Facebook users in the United Kingdom will reach 32.6 million in 2018. "But not all of those users are migrating to Instagram".

Facebook's loss could be Snapchat's gain.

"The question will be whether younger users will still find Snapchat cool if more of their parents and grandparents are on it".

In 2018, close to 43 percent of United Kingdom social network users will log onto Snapchat, that's more than double its penetration rate from three years ago.

The statistics are equally true in the U.S., where for the first time ever fewer than 50% of teenage internet users will log in to Facebook at least once a month.

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