Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Android P will reportedly have a new look and embrace the notch

Android P will reportedly have a new look and embrace the notch

According to the report, Android P will be created to better support different form factors android devices like ZTE Axon M with multiple displays and foldable display smartphones like the upcoming Samsung smartphone.

Google is reportedly planning big changes for the next version of its Android operating system as Android P will support an iPhone X-like "notch" and more.

While some Android OEMs have poked fun at Apple's display cut-out, Google seems to think it's going to catch on and will offer support for notched displays in Android P, known internally as "Pistachio Ice Cream".

Apple is also working on a major redesign of iOS with iOS 12.

Google will place an emphasis on its virtual helper, Google Assistant, in the next release of Android, says the report. One of the few setbacks of many Android devices is that they don't look as good as their Apple counterparts, and a notch, coupled with a bezel-less display will go a long way in changing that.

Google and other Android vendors like to mock Apple's "courageous" decisions.

While Android Pistachio Icecream sounds like a fun name, Google could easily name it something else since this is an internal codename. If Google is indeed making sure Android P supports iPhone X like designs, the best way to demo this particular feature is to release a Pixel model this year sporting an advanced front-facing 3D facial recognition system.

Bloomberg indicates that Google will bake in support for multiple screens and foldable displays at the OS level. More realistically, we are likely to see the upcoming Huawei P20 smartphone bear a notch cutout as per recent renders and leaked images. That means we're expecting to learn more details during a keynote speech that day - probably at about 6pm BST, 1pm EDT, 10am PDT.

The sources familiar with the matter also revealed that Google is focusing on bringing the maximum number of Apple iPhone users under the Google umbrella.

Currently, there's only one Android device with such a feature - the Essential Phone. Google's Pixel phones are usually the first to get the new Android OS, and as a result showcase the latest tricks and features.

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