Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
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Bill Gates- Why we give our billions away

Bill Gates- Why we give our billions away

Since then, his wife and co-chair, Melinda, has added her signature, and the letter has taken on themes from innovation to super powers to big bets on the future.

What do you have to show for the billions you've spent on U.S. education?

See the National Public Radio article "Bill Gates Addresses "Tough Questions" on Poverty and Power" for details. They acknowledge it's unfair that they have so much wealth and influence but reject the notion that they're imposing their values on other cultures.

Lubienski, who said he has not sought nor received money from Gates, also noted that by turning their attention to poverty, the Gateses are tackling the "really big elephant in the room" when it comes to student achievement. "They go down", the letter says. "Every day brings a different story of political division, violence or natural disaster".

In fact, he said, taking a more open strategy to answering tough questions can actually heighten expectations, making it harder for leaders to meet the standard of how outsiders believe they should respond. It was held at bgC3, a company that oversees many of Bill Gates' independent projects, including for-profit investments in clean energy.

Sometimes, though, the person asking this question is raising a deeper issue.

Answering the question, Melinda Gates laid the answer out simply: "because they can do things no one else can". For instance, while running for president, Trump floated the idea of asking Gates to help close "that internet up in some way" to curb communications by terrorists online.

Specifically, the Gates said Trump's comments referring to African nations as "sh*thole countries" have been of great concern among many people outside of the United States.

Bill Gates said they've been looking at how they might expand their work in the U.S. beyond education, such as its U.S. Partnership on Mobility from Poverty, which studies ways to help people move up the economic ladder. "I wish our president would treat people, and especially women, with more respect when he speaks and Tweets".

"I want to make it OK for women to talk about their real experience", she said. I think he should be treated like the robber baron that he is.

Melinda Gates has made family planning a focus of her work with the foundation.

Melinda Gates said they must work with the administration to garner as much as support as they can for policies that will benefit the most impoverished people in the world.

A screenshot of the homepage of Bill and Melinda Gates' website. "The world is not a safer place when more people are sick or hungry", Gates wrote.

In their annual open letter answering questions about their foundation, they criticised Trump's proposed cuts to foreign aid, and said he had a responsibility to set a good example and empower all Americans through his statements and policies.

The spending plan, which has little chance of passage, includes cuts to some foreign aide and domestic health programs.

Bill Gates pledges $450 million to fight polio 03:18We do this work because it's important, it's rewarding and it's in line with how we were raised.

Bill Gates added that while large corporates have the expertise, they often lack the incentive to build solutions for "poor people" due to the lack of return on investment.

One of the questions in the letter is about what happens when the two of them disagree.

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