Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
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Sean Hannity Has a Demented New Theory About Barack Obama's Official Portrait

Sean Hannity Has a Demented New Theory About Barack Obama's Official Portrait

The artists, Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, were selected by the Obamas to commission the previous president and first lady.

The portraits of the 44th president and first lady were unveiled on February 12 at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, the New York Post reported.

For his portrait by Mr. Wiley, Mr. Barack Obama is depicted sitting in a brown chair with a backdrop of bright green leaves and colourful flowers.

To combat critical perceptions of Michelle's portrait, CNN White House reporter Kate Bennettoffered some details on Sherald's artistic style, which is reportedly why she was chosen to paint the former first lady.

Smith told Glamour that she had worked with Michelle's stylist, Meredith Koop, many times during the Obama presidency and had received a special request for the gown in Michelle's portrait.

"Let's face it, Kehinde, relative to Amy, was working to a disadvantage because this subject was less becoming", Barack Obama joked. A political gossip reporter seated near me said she spotted "Axelrod and Earnest" (former White House staffers David and Josh, respectively) and Michelle Obama's eyebrow person.

"My real takeaway is that the portrait really does defer to this aura that Obama has, of both being very much a representative black man but also one who, with those wonderful hand gestures, has a side that is sensitive, that is empathetic, that is loving, that is caring".

Most Twitter posts described the portraits as stunning, although a few criticised them as poorly executed. A coworker noted that Michelle's portrait didn't look like it belonged next to Barack's.

"I'm thinking of all the girls of colour who will come and see someone who looks like them hanging on the wall of this great American Institution", said the former U.S. first lady. "I knew I wanted something that was colorful, something that had a bold kind of pattern on it".

The president's portrait will have a permanent home in the Portrait Gallery's recently renovated "America's Presidents" exhibition and Mrs. Obama's will be on view in the recent acquisitions section of the museum through November 2018.

Other people chose to poke fun of the lush background of the portrait. Her paintings have less realism and focus on shape and color.

Her husband said he, too, bonded with his artist of choice, Wiley, 40, though "maybe not in the same way - this whole sister-girl thing".

"Liberal sheep think I should run wild with @nytimes anonymous sources and not confirm myself", he said last month. Sherald explained the archetypal nature of her work, emphasizing Mrs. Obama as a representative figure who will influence generations to come. President Obama is set against a riot of greenery that, according to the artist, charts "his path on Earth through those plants".

The former first lady said she thought about the impact Sherald's art will have on "girls and girls of color".

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