Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Android 8.1.0 Pixel 2 Update Details And Bug Fixes

Android 8.1.0 Pixel 2 Update Details And Bug Fixes

A new crop of smartphones is expected to hit the market that includes the same notch on the top of the screens so the manufactures can fit cameras and sensors into the devices. As of now, this toned down version of the original Gmail app is available only to the Web users, and not listed on Google Play store app mobile version. Gmail Go app also claims to block spam messages before it reaches your inbox.

There's no word on when Essential will push the full Android 8.1 release to all Essential Phone owners, but it is nice to see the company making progress with its Oreo update for the Essential Phone and offering a beta to those courageous enough to try it.

Even before the last version of the Android OS, Oreo, is yet to be carried by many phones, there are already discussions over what Google will do with its next issue, the Android P. It is learnt that for internal communication purposes, Google identifies this as Android Pistachio Ice Cream, though the final name may not be the same.

Google has launched the lightweight Gmail Go app for Android 8.1 devices (via FoneArena). The all Go apps is going to seamlessly work on both Standard Android and Android Go builds.

Being a Go edition app, the download size of the Gmail Go app is much smaller than the regular app. Gmail Go weighs just around 9.51MB compared to 20.66MB of the regular app. It basically displays the messages from friends and family first, while social and promotional emails are categorized neatly for when you have time.

Interestingly, Gmail Go also features Search box to search for the email within the Inbox. This feature works as online and offline so you can directly read and respond to the emails right from the home screen of your entry level Android Go smartphone.

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