Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
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Apple Confirms HomePod Can Leave White Rings on Wood Surfaces

Apple Confirms HomePod Can Leave White Rings on Wood Surfaces

Those purchasing Apple's HomePod, the smart speaker taking on the Amazon Echo and Google Home, best ensure they wrap it in cotton wool.

Product review and recommendation site Wirecutter published a review on Wednesday saying the HomePod left a white circle on a wooden surface, the reviewer warned not to put the device on nice or expensive wooden furniture.

Apple notably delayed shipping the HomePod until this year, as the firm said it "needed more time" to ideal the device.

The HomePod, which costs £319, was found to leave unsightly marks on wood in as little as 20 minutes after the smartspeaker went on sale last week.

Early reviewers of Apple's new HomePod smart speaker have noticed an issue with the $350 device: it can leave white rings on some wooden surfaces.

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Apple HomePod owners say the $349 smart-speaker is prone to damaging wood surfaces.

Reports started to surface that the HomePod was living an unusual white ring on wood surface.

We'll update this article with additional details shortly.

Apparently the silicone base of the HomePod is causing these stains to form on wooden furniture. If marks persist, clean the surface with the furniture manufacturers recommended cleaning process. One possible solution is to place a coaster or other protective surface between the speaker and the wood.

Our own HomePod review is still ongoing and we'll have a score for you in the coming days. The Verge noted that the HomePods aren't meant to be put on a soft surface either, as the tweeters fire down, so putting it on a towel will impact the reflectivity of the sound. Apple is yet to share if they have a permanent fix for the issue or if they're going to replace the units. The HomePod also features Apple's assistant Siri, which is still catching up to Amazon's Alexa and Google's eponymous Assistant in responsiveness and versatility. Obviously, to remain competitive in a market it is entering late, Apple chose to keep the price of the HomePod lower than it might have been by accepting a lower gross margin.

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