Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

COAS reaches Kabul for Chief of Defence summit

COAS reaches Kabul for Chief of Defence summit

Addressing the conference focusing on how to deal with escalating terrorism in the region, Gen Bajwa said the path to regional peace and stability "passes through Afghanistan", the ISPR statement said.

Afghan Defence Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said the conference meant to find ways to jointly deal with both security challenges.

The conference agreed to continue cooperation for peace and stability in the region.

Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Tuesday has arrived here to attend a high-level military meeting.

This was the army chief's second visit to Kabul in four months.

He said that terrorists try to take advantage of the presence of 2.7 million Afghan refugees and absence of effective border security coordination.

Commander US CENTCOM, Commander Resolute Support Mission (RSM) and Afghan Army Chief are also attending the conference.

They said they didn't intend to damage any other country or let anyone use Afghan territory against anyone else. The army chief said that collaborative approach and persistence was the answer to all challenges, for which Pakistan was willing to play its part.

More than 16 years after the United States launched military operations in Afghanistan in response to the 9/11 attacks, the Taliban's ally al-Qaeda remains a threat in the region, also notes the analysis. It also comes as Afghan poppy production has hit record levels.

As Kabul conference was held on the heels of NATO Defence Ministers' meeting, its deliberations and outcome would surely serve as weighty input for NATO leaders to formulate a logical and feasible strategy to address the Afghan imbroglio.

Echoing the USA intelligence community's findings, Schriver told lawmakers Islamabad has failed to take decisive action against terrorist organizations planning attacks on Afghan territory from Pakistan despite the level of pressure the Trump administration is applying on Islamabad.

"If you want peaceful dialogue with the Afghans specifically, and with the world generally, then make your president and the war-mongering congressmen and Pentagon officials understand this reality and compel them to adopt a rational policy towards Afghanistan", the letter said.

Last week, in a televised speech to the nation, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani had alleged that the "centre of Taliban terrorism is in Pakistan".

Participating countries - especially Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan - recently voiced their concern over the growing number of insurgents in the north of Afghanistan.

"Our preference is to solve the Afghan issue through peaceful dialogue", the Taliban said on Wednesday, while warning that their readiness to find peace should not be taken as a sign of weakness and that their armed campaign would be sustained no matter how powerful the United States opposition is.

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