Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Lane Johnson calls out "robotic" Patriots organization

Lane Johnson calls out

In 2005, a late Rodney Harrison interception lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Bruschi was also asked by host Max Kellerman if players would rather play for coaches who were "player coaches" like Doug Pederson, but he scoffed at that notion. Hopefully, he never will.

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With their historic win, Philadelphia joins Boston, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles as the only USA cities with a team that has won the Stanley Cup, World Series, NBA Finals and Super Bowl.

Johnson discusses "The Patriots Way".

Johnson was one of the many Eagles who flaunted his personality during their Super Bowl run and started wearing the dog masks after games with teammate Chris Long to embrace the underdog role.

On Monday, former Patriots linebacker and three-time Super Bowl victor Tedy Brushci took exception to Johnson's remarks during an appearance on ESPN's "First Take".

Former Patriots linebacker #Tedy Bruschi answered allegations thrown by Eagles tackle Lane Johnson, who called the Patriot Way a fear-based organization, instead of fun football.

Patriots fans will obviously take this news perfectly and be completely rational about it. Philly fans won't care about hearing that they essentially cheated to put an extra six points on the board - that's actually very true. Hell yes, they win. Do I think people enjoy and can say, "I had a lot of fun playing there"? That's just God's honest truth. Hey, stop being a (expletive). We can be cordial for a little bit.

"So, if you think it's gonna be all fun to win another championship next year, you got it all wrong", Bruschi said. But what separates this Super Bowl loss from the previous two lies in the fact that the Patriots did not have a defensive meltdown or squander an opportunity to win the game.

"Well it really hasn't sunk in completely yet, you know I can remember back even as a player winning this game what it felt like". For Johnson that's what it's all about. That includes Johnson sarcastically saying he'd rather not be "maybe be the most popular athlete, possibly of all time", and Big Cat adding "I'd rather just make the jokes at the press conference, I agree with you, you're right". Go play with those guys.

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