Published: Fri, February 16, 2018
Science | By Hubert Green

Alabama House approves pay raise for teachers, education employees

Alabama House approves pay raise for teachers, education employees

A House committee has approved a bill that would ban trigger devices that allow semi-automatic rifles to fire more rapidly, similar to the ones used in the Las Vegas mass shooting.

(Indianapolis, Ind.) - Those clamoring for the legalization of Sunday carry-out alcohol sales in IN may get their wish sooner than expected.

The Senate voted 45-2 last month in favor of the bill that requires election officials to count absentee ballots "marked and forwarded" by in voters who then die before Election Day. (Ben) Smaltz (R-52) for his efforts in moving this bill forward, and I fully support the bill as amended today.

The idea to switch to an immediate effective date was jointly devised by state Sen.

"Why wait until July to provide more convenience for citizens?" A House version (HB 21), filed by Rep. Jim Boyd, R-Bradenton, has unanimously cleared two panels and awaits action by the House Health & Human Services Committee.

"We are closer than ever to Sunday sales".

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Poole countered that any raise given this year has to be sustainable in the future. This is an important milestone in the legislative process and we will continue to work directly with lawmakers to ensure that this issue continues to move through the legislature and is ultimately signed by the Governor.

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