Published: Sat, February 17, 2018
Business | By Max Garcia

Euthanasia drug found in dog food, already blamed for one doggie death

Euthanasia drug found in dog food, already blamed for one doggie death

The pet food company, issued a voluntary withdrawal of the dog foods Gravy Train, Kibbles "N Bits, Skippy, and Ol" Roy lines of canned food, which saw Walmart and several other large retailers remove the affected products from their shelves.

J.M. Smucker recalling several shipments of dog food after an independent investigation found traces of pentobarbital, a euthanasia drug, in samples from a range of popular brands.

Pentobarbital is a tranquilizer used often times as an agent for euthanizing fatally injured or sick animals.

Two months later, Party Animal recalled two lots of its Cocolicious dog food in April 2017 after a Texas retailer said a customer brought samples of the food to a testing lab, which detected the drug.

"Pet food violates federal law, is openly allowed by the FDA to violate federal law, billion dollar a year companies are making profit selling illegal adulterated products to unknowing consumers in the United States every day", Thixton said. Of the 15 cans of Gravy Train tested, 60% were positive for the euthanasia drug.

"Clean Label Project's 2017 Pet Food Study revealed high levels of heavy metals, BPA, and acrylamide in some of the nation's best selling pet food".

Smucker said that the amounts of pentobarbital discovered in their product were not a threat to the safety of pets. She sent the rest of the dogs' food and the remains of one of the dogs for testing, where the dog was found to have been poisoned by dog food and that the food contained pentobarbital, WJLA reported last week.

The popular brand launched an investigation into the contamination and narrowed its search down to one supplier and a single ingredient used at one manufacturing facility.

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