Published: Fri, February 16, 2018
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Meek Mill Files Appeal Alleging Unreliable Police Testimony

Meek Mill Files Appeal Alleging Unreliable Police Testimony

Moreover, included on the list is Officer Reginald V. Graham; the 2007 arresting officer in Meek's gun and drug charges case; that which he violated probation for previous year and is now imprisoned for.

The snowboarder's message fell on the same day Mill's lawyers received information that might aid in cutting the rap artist's sentence.

Tacopina has a strong point in his comments, as his team claims that Meek Mill did not point a gun at anybody during his arrest or possess any drugs at the time.

Lawyers for the rapper Meek Mill thinks he should be released from prison after a new report revealed possible police misconduct involving his arresting officer.

The rapper's attorneys filed the petition on Wednesday, according to Billboard, after the name of Officer Reginald Graham was mentioned in an investigative report by the Philadelphia Inquirer which claimed that the officer's name appeared on a list maintained by the city's District Attorney's Office of police officers suspected of not being credible witnesses.

Meek Mill's legal team hope to get the rapper out of jail, stating his sentence was the result of unreliable testimony. Gibson, a member of the same squad as Graham, provided a sworn affidavit where he says the "Dreams and Nightmares" artist never pointed a gun at the officer or anyone else. According to Walker, among numerous other misdeeds, Gibson frequently misused confidential informants, fabricated the alleged probable cause for search warrants and lied about the justification for warrantless searches. The Meek Mill trial has had some new developments recently as one of the policemen testifying against Meek was found to be on a list of "corrupt cops" in Philly.

It's alleged now-retired officer Reginald Graham "lied as to almost every material fact in his testimony at trial".

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