Published: Sun, February 18, 2018
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Allegations that Corbyn was Soviet informer 'like a bad Bond movie'

Allegations that Corbyn was Soviet informer 'like a bad Bond movie'

He said: 'As Svetlana Ptacnikova, Director of the Czech Security Forces Archive, has made clear, Jeremy was neither an agent, asset, informer nor collaborator with Czechoslovak intelligence.

Confidential papers show the hard-left Labour leader met the Czech agent at least three times after being vetted by communist handlers in 1986.

When asked whether Corbyn should be leader of the Labour Party, Glees said he's "not a Labour Party member and it's not really for me, but in my view as an academic, no". He also received money'.

The Defence Secretary's intervention has provoked a furious response from Mr Corbyn's office, which angrily labelled the claims as a "false" and "ridiculous" smear.

'These claims are a ridiculous smear and entirely false. "Diplomat and agent were the same thing".

'His story has more plot holes in it than a bad James Bond movie'.

Czech diplomat Jan Sarkocy, who was a communist spy during the Cold War, has said that the Islington MP, using the name Agent Cob, met with him in parliament and warned him about British operations against communist agents in 1987.

He added "the Czechs believed he was their agent with a code name and a unique registration number" but it doesn't necessarily follow that he was a spy.

The Czech archive keepers have found signs that the StB tried to prevent Corbyn from discovering the real identity of the Czechoslovak official he was meeting, Ptacnikova said.

A spokesman for the Labour leader rubbished Mr Sarkocy's claims and insisted Mr Corbyn never had any links with the Communist regime.

"It was a consensual collaboration", the former spy told Czech media, speaking while at home in his native Slovakia.

The Sun revealed this week that Mr Corbyn met Czechoslovak agent Jan Dymic - a codename for Jan Sarkocy - in the House of Commons.

MI5's Operation FOOT led to more than 100 Soviet intelligence officers being expelled from London in 1971, marking a major turning point in counter-espionage operations in Britain during the Cold War.

Sir Richard also suggested the spies from Czechoslovakia were being used as a front by the Russian KGB.

AN EAST German secret police file on Jeremy Corbyn is being kept under lock and key.

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