Published: Sun, February 18, 2018
Business | By Max Garcia

American Airlines Agent Saved 2 Teen Girls From Alleged Sex-Trafficking Ring

American Airlines Agent Saved 2 Teen Girls From Alleged Sex-Trafficking Ring

Denise Miracle noticed the girls, aged 15 and 17, held First Class tickets but carried no identification and only had a small set of bags. "It just doesn't feel right to me.' It just did not feel right". They had thought the girls were staying at the other's home and were shocked.

Miracle noticed the ticket from Sacramento to NY was purchased online, the credit card was in a different name and something else.

Drey offered to fly both girls to NY over a weekend and to pay each $2,000 for modeling and appearing in music videos. A sum of $2000 was promised as compensation.

And when the agent refused to fly the two girls, they went to make a call at a nearby Starbucks.

When people think of trafficking, they often think of malls and public places - but oftentimes, sex trafficking begins with predators on social media, convincing young girls to meet in person.

Sanderson praised Miracle's presence of mind which could very well have saved the teenage girls from meeting with a potential sex trafficker.

When Sacramento County Sheriffs deputies arrived the 15 and 17-year-olds told deputies they met a man called "Drey" on Instagram and he invited them to NY for the weekend to earn $2,000 for some work modeling in music videos.

She got a hold of Deputy Todd Sanderson, who shared that the two teens had called a man named "Drey" who they had been in contact with on Instagram.

Miracle was commended by American Airlines for using her training to save the girls' lives.

While Sanderson questioned the girls, he said he was unaware that the girls had Drey on speakerphone the entire time, and he was listening to the conversation they were having about him.

It was also highly likely that the pictures Drey used in his social media account were faked, Sanderson said, making it harder for the police to positively identify him.

Law enforcement officials said that if Miracle would not have called after feeling uncomfortable about the situation, they would not have intervened and the girls would have left the airport alone.

The girls had each told their parents they were spending the night at the other's home. There is no word on whether the human trafficking suspect has been caught, or what charges he may face.

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