Published: Sun, February 18, 2018
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The complete, comprehensive, exhaustive history of Black Panther -- in seven issues

The complete, comprehensive, exhaustive history of Black Panther -- in seven issues

That makes it the most acclaimed Marvel movie yet.

It's one of the reasons director Ryan Coogler's "Black Panther" is opening amid feverish anticipation, especially from female and African-American moviegoers. Film fans, actors and comic enthusiasts in Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos have been flocking to screenings of Marvel superhero movie Black Panther which opened in Africa's most populous country this week. Staffers spent the week creating events for the children to promote going to see it and the fact that it's the first Marvel movie featuring a black super hero with a predominantly black cast.

Note: Black Panther has arrived, we'll be updating this page throughout the duration of the film's theatrical stay to note each record T'Challa crosses, so be sure to bookmark! "The movie was attractive", said Hope McDowell.

Later in my chat with Jordan regarding "Black Panther", he couldn't help but reveal the huge amount of faith, trust and love he has for Coogler. However, we have seen plenty of bad things happen to the more minor and supporting characters in the film.

Holland says fans will see Southern values including the importance of family in the film. "That's what we kind of what we work on with our projects", said McDowell. It's not necessarily because it's the first time we're seeing a black superhero; I think it's because we have to define what Wakanda is. "It's not a jungle, it's a great civilized place", said Kulu, with Black Art Visions and Plug Life Clothing. Following the opening day, several posts emerged of White people who claimed they were attacked by Blacks at the movie screening. "I think it's awesome". Just one sign that this movie strikes a chord that rings well beyond mere entertainment.

Actress Danai Gurira says the representation of women in "Black Panther" is important for young girls to see.

Black Panther hits theaters today from Marvel Studios and Disney, parent company of ABC News.

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