Published: Mon, February 19, 2018
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

Red mist. Match abandoned as nine players sent off in Brazilian derby

Red mist. Match abandoned as nine players sent off in Brazilian derby

Seven players were initially sent for the showers but two more red cards were shown later on to leave Vitoria with only six players on the pitch when officials made a decision to call it quits.

A mass punch-up started after Vinicius equalised for Bahia, cancelling out Denilson's earlier strike.

Five players were sent off in the immediate aftermath - three from Bahia and two from Vitoria - and then each side had another player dismissed moments later when the fighting found its way to the terraces. Red cards were meted out to seven players, and a further two later on.

The match continued until the 79th minutes when Uilian was red carded for Vitoria.

With 13 minutes left a fourth Vitoria player was sent off, prompting Bispo to kick the ball away and force the referee into awarding him his second yellow and a match-ending red.

That is when tempers overflowed - Vinicius provocatively celebrating his leveller as Vitoria took offence, with goalkeeper Fernando Miguel immediately confronting the Bahia player.

The Vice President of Bahia football club, Vitor Ferraz, told O Globo that he will tell his players to report assaults in the match to the police.

"Honestly, I think it would be very unfair if that happened".

Vitoria president, Ricardo David, blamed the fight on Bahia striker Vinicius, calling the celebration of his successful penalty as "an obscene gesture".

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