Published: Wed, February 21, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

CNN to hold town hall with students and Florida's politicians

CNN to hold town hall with students and Florida's politicians

"No other American generation has experienced what we have experienced, and we're fed up, because you shouldn't be scared in a classroom", said 17-year-old Grace Scullion. In the wake of the shooting at her school, Corin has organized a trip with 100 of her classmates to speak with lawmakers in Tallahassee about enacting stricter gun laws. The March for Our Lives is planned for March 24 in Washington.

Right now, there are more big announcements to come. We had shooter drills. "We need to do something about it before it just disappears like it always has".

Michael Lausch, superintendent at Donegal, said the school district respects students' rights, but safety must remain a top priority.

Sometimes I look at Emma Gonzalez and hear her speak criticisms of government officials who don't want to change any laws in these areas, and I wonder how many times President Trump has stopped himself from tweeting some typically bad criticism or attack on her.

Manheim Central Superintendent Peter Aiken said he'd support a protest that is both civil and well-informed.

In a moving address at a press conference held to honor those who died in the Parkland school shooting and to call for gun control, student Emma Gonzalez called on Trump to take action. "We call BS", she told politicians and the NRA on Wednesday. In Illinois you can't get a Firearm Owner's Identification card necessary to buy guns and ammunition without one. This could have been prevented. "If there were proper background checks, then those who should not have guns would not have them".

Our children are too important to tolerate Federal Bureau of Investigation agents who decide a "professional school shooter" is not a top priority. Higher infant mortality - high particularly among the poor in states that refused to expand Medicaid - accounts for some of that.

Unfortunately, gun sales pose a greater risk to the general population than the sale of many other goods. The U.S. suffers 21,000 "excess deaths" - deaths above the average - for children under 19 every year. In the state of Florida, we have concealed carry permit holders and we've had that for 28 years.

"You're the president", he said, "You're supposed to bring this nation together, not divide us".

However, from a president who received $31 million in funding from the NRA during his presidential campaign and aimed to give citizens freedom to carry guns as part of his presidential platform, changes to the Trump administration's gun ideology may be hard to come by. After he was elected, he went to the National Rifle Association convention. Nationwide, gun lobbyists spent $54.4 million in the 2016 election cycle, according to the Los Angeles Times. What am I going to do with my grief? The formerly staunchly anti-gay-marriage politician reversed course - embracing a more progressive way of thinking.

"We're standing up, we're here to make a difference", said Jacquie Algee, who lost her son to gun violence in 1995. Our leaders are failing in their duty to protect our children. This isn't about politics, so don't hide behind them as an excuse. "It has to be political because this happened because of guns, this happened because of the relaxed gun laws that we have". Yet no progress is made. "It didn't matter what kind of guns they were".

They brought their own children and showed them how the community became united after the awful tragedy.

Nearly as soon as the shooter had been apprehended, cable and network news found a new set of interviewees in Parkland, Fla. González became a viral sensation after videos of her impassioned speech at an anti-gun rally Saturday in Fort Lauderdale flooded social media.

At 18, they can register and vote in large numbers.

The couple said they are inspired by the "courage and eloquence" of the survivors-turned-activists from the Parkland school.

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