Published: Wed, February 21, 2018
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Florida school massacre suspect on authorities' radar in 2016

Florida school massacre suspect on authorities' radar in 2016

Cruz, 19, moved in with James and Kimberly Snead of Parkland, Florida in late November after his adoptive mother died earlier that month from complications of pneumonia, they told the South Florida Sun Sentinel in an interview published on Sunday, reports AFP.

Cruz had to ask permission to use his weapons, as James Snead said he had the only key to the safe.

Florida school gunman Nikolas Cruz was depressed after his mother died in November but seemed to be getting happier, the couple who took him in have said - and they are baffled that he is one of the deadliest teen killers in USA. history.

Cruz was captured on mobile phone video fighting with Enea Sabadini, 17, in the courtyard of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School more than a year ago. However, others have said they saw clear signals that Cruz was mentally unstable and had expressed his desire to commit violence. One teacher said they were told that Cruz should not be allowed on the school campus with a backpack.

Cruz moved in with the Sneads after his mother died.

They agreed and said other than obvious depression about the death of his mother, they didn't have cause for major concern.

The Sneads also said the person who's been shown to the world since the shootings isn't the person they knew when he lived with them. Mrs. Snead said she angrily asked him why he committed this crime.

The Sneads claim that they saw no signs of the animal cruelty that Cruz's neighbors and peers noted in the past, nor did they hear about rumors that he'd stalked a girl from Stoneman Douglas, his former school.

"Last week, I called on Director Wray to resign, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation should release all records involving this bad error", Scott said.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough called out Florida Gov. Rick Scott for kowtowing to the president after a deadly school shooting in his state.

Dear Editor: We need gun control now.

U.S. President Donald Trump called local politicians and the school's principal from his Mar-a-Lago, Florida, resort on Saturday to express condolences, offer support and receive updates, a White House spokeswoman said. "It's a very selfish thing he did - aside from the families he hurt, he hurt the family that tried to help him and give him a chance".

They added that they were certain Cruz was bullied in the past and seemed lonely and desperate for a girlfriend.

The man suspected of killing 17 Florida high school students is in court today. "I really wanted to strangle him, more than anything". I wanted to go after him.

Understanding the origins of an issue is hard for society since, as I stated before, it is easy to find an escape-goat to blame for an issue rather than do complex research and try to eradicate the problem rather than prevent it.

"Really, Nik? Really?" were the only words Kimberly Snead could say.

Enea said he slammed him to the ground and ended up punching him several times in the face.

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