Published: Wed, February 21, 2018
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Mattel Unveils Tomb Raider Barbie

Mattel Unveils Tomb Raider Barbie

According to the product details, the doll was designed by Bill Greening, and it will feature an articulated body complete with the top, pants, and boots in trademark Lara Croft fashion. She's also bandaged up and holds her climbing axe. While she loves independent and arthouse cinema, she is also attracted towards the big adventure films. Given how that the Tomb Raider movie reboot is expected to be released on the 16th of March, we suppose this is pretty good timing.

The 29-year-old Swedish actress appeared on The Graham Norton Show recently where she recalled that looking at a female protagonist in a video game during her childhood left her feeling empowered. The games have also made Lara Croft seem more "vulnerable".

Vikander said she was introduced to Tomb Raider at a friend's house and she was intrigued by the game that it led her to change her mind. Leaving everything she knows behind, she embarks on a journey to his last know destination: "a fabled tomb on a mythical island", read the character description. I like the idea of kids playing with this badass toy, going on adventures much like the Lara Croft herself.

The Tomb Raider Barbie is on sale now, and will set you back $30/£21 (ish) - so if you collect Tomb Raider stuff, or Barbies - or both! - you'd better be quick! The games were usually in third person to make action and puzzle solving easier for players to navigate.

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