Published: Thu, February 22, 2018
Health | By Jay Jacobs

Remember the terrifying robot dog? Well now it can fight off humans

Remember the terrifying robot dog? Well now it can fight off humans

An incredible video of a robot dog fighting off a human as it tries to open a door is not only creepy, but it also has raised the question: Why are we teaching a robot to fight back against humans?

Using this claw, the SpotMini is able to turn door handles to free itself - despite an intervening worker's best efforts to stop it.

"Software provides locomotion, balance and adjusts behaviour when progress gets off track", says Boston in a characteristically short and vague statement posted alongside the video. It's all part of robustness testing, which the title of the video obviously explains, but it certainly looks like the man is just trying to keep the poor robot from getting through the door, being unnecessarily mean.

In the earlier, February 12 video, two SpotMinis apparently navigate the same obstacle. The man then presses on the door to prevent the SpotMini from passing through, and when that fails, he yanks on a strap on the robot's rear, twisting its metal joints, which pivot for torque on the slick floor. A clawless SpotMini approaches the door, analyzes its position with cameras studded on its frame, and makes way for a clawed colleague to open the door.

In real-world scenarios, a Spot Mini might have to rethink how it'd open the door should something obstruct its path.

Remember the video of the terrifying robot dog we shared with you last week? And the home environment also involves challenges, such as doorways, stairs and slippery obstacles, which earlier versions of the robot struggled with.

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