Published: Sat, February 24, 2018
Business | By Max Garcia

Germany Gives Diesel Cars Stay on Execution

Germany Gives Diesel Cars Stay on Execution

Thursday, February 22, the Federal administrative court of Germany will decide, had or not the right of German cities to independently ban the use of cars with diesel engines.

There has been a global backlash against diesel-engine cars since Volkswagen admitted in 2015 to cheating USA exhaust tests, meant to limit emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxide, known to cause respiratory disease.

The Federal Court was supposed to have a say in an appeal filed by governments in Baden-Wuerttemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia against a lower court decision that was supposed to make the cities of Stuttgart and Duesseldorf enforce stricter emission rules.

The European Union is also putting pressure on Germany and other countries for failing to rein in air pollution.

A German court is considering whether cities should ban diesel cars to lower air pollution, a move that could have drastic consequences for the country's auto industry.

If the appeal automakers will reject, it will lead to a sharp drop in demand for cars with diesel engines not only in Germany but throughout Europe.

Apart from hitting Volkswagen and other German car-makers, officials warn that a ban could paralsze bus companies, rubbish collection services and tradespeople who rely heavily on diesel vehicles. Paris, Madrid, Mexico City and Athens are planning to ban diesel vehicles by 2025, while Copenhagen's mayor wants to outlaw new diesel cars from entering the Danish capital as early as next year.

The fight for banning diesel cars in Germany started after reports of nitrogen dioxide emissions levels being above the European Union levels starting surfacing past year.

A small group of protesters from Greenpeace gathered outside the Leipzig court, with images of lungs painted on their chests and holding up signs reading "Clean Air Now".

Environmental groups have called software updates insufficient and have lobbied for cars applying the latest Euro-6 and older Euro-5 emissions standards to have their exhaust treatment systems upgraded.

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