Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Android Wear Could Be Rebranded To 'Wear OS' In The Future

Android Wear Could Be Rebranded To 'Wear OS' In The Future

Market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) estimated that Android Wear was virtually non-existent among the top five wearable manufacturers in the fourth quarter of 2017 - even Chinese electronics company Huawei got to fifth place primarily through its fitness trackers - not its Android wristwear. The Wear OS branding is also similar to Apple's watchOS platform used on the Apple Watch. As noted by Android Headlines, there were more references to Wear OS in the beta APK, including referring to it as the "wearable service name", suggesting that a name change is incoming. The name is called "Wear OS" and hints at a re-branding of Google's smartwatch OS. It remains unclear whether Google will go forth with the changes, but it makes sense to see changes like this since Android Wear hasn't performed as well as Google has hoped in recent memory.

There has been no official word from Google on the new name. In the case of Android Wear, you'll be notified that there's a watch nearby that can be paired with your phone.

Apart from the new name and logo, little else is known about the new Wear OS at present.

This wouldn't be the first time that we've seen Google rebrand products. The reason for this is probably due to neutrality, same reason that Android Pay was rebranded to Google Pay which is because Android Pay could be used on Apple phones. There are entirely too many ways that Google Lens now available on the mass-based Android can be misused, and it is the company's responsibility to ensure they start taking measures to avoid that from happening.

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