Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
Science | By Hubert Green

Google Maps turned into Mario Kart for Mario Day

Google Maps turned into Mario Kart for Mario Day

And in honor of Nintendo's beloved and iconic character, Nintendo has partnered with Google and added a feature to navigate the mean streets as Mario in Mario Kart. On March 10, which has been dubbed "Mario Day", Google made a decision to give users the chance to be guided by Super Mario himself.

Those who have installed the update will see a go-kart from the Mario Kart games instead of the the regular blue navigation.

The company is celebrating the moustachioed plumber-turned-racer on his special day MAR10 Day - which is March 10, he said in a blog post late on Friday. Google Maps confirmed via its official Twitter account that the feature will be available for a full week, so users can activate (or deactivate) "Mario Mode" at any time between now and March 16.

Mario Time only lasts until Saturday, Fox 13 reports, and works for both iOS and Android apps. So, this entire week, sit back and let Mario guide you through roads and find shops and restaurants.

This is a fun little feature that seems to be especially relevant given that Nintendo has recently revealed their intentions to release a Mario Kart game for mobile devices. In fact, in 2014, Google and the Pokémon Company (which Nintendo jointly owns) teamed up for an April Fools joke that put Pokémon all over the map.

At the bottom of the screen, right beside the spot where you'd normally see "start navigation", you'll see a? question box.

Super Mario Bros, or Mario Bros, was first introduced in Japan in 1983 and has gone on to sell more than 40 million video games till date.

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