Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
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Taiwan hiring outlook highest in Asia-Pacific region in Q2

Taiwan hiring outlook highest in Asia-Pacific region in Q2

After seasonal adjustments, the net employment outlook for the second quarter of 2018 hit 26 percent, up 1 percentage point from a quarter earlier and also up 3 percentage points from a year earlier, ManpowerGroup said.

The best bets for finding a job this spring are in the public administration sector, according to Manpower. "In the coming times, Technology will change the job market dynamics and individuals need to adopt skillset to continue to remain employable". Employers in the Mining & Construction sector report a decline of four percentage points year-on-year, as have those in the Manufacturing sector. While there won't be layoffs, hiring as such will be lower than in previous quarters.

Globally, among the countries and territories featuring seasonally adjusted data, confidence is strongest in Taiwan, Japan, Hungary and the United States, while the weakest hiring prospects are reported in Italy, the Czech Republic and Switzerland, the survey said.

Nationwide, employers in all 13 industry sectors expect to add staff in Q2 2018. 0 per cent expressed any expectations to reduce payrolls in the next three months. The strongest hiring prospects are reported in two regions with Net Employment Outlooks of +17% - the North and the South. For eastern and western regions, employers forecast a steady increase in staffing levels with outlook of 16% and 14%, respectively. However, outlooks weaken in four sectors, including the electricity, gas and water sector with a decline of 12 percentage points, and the wholesale and retail trade sector, where employers report a decrease of six percentage points. When compared to the same period a year ago, the outlook remains upbeat despite notable declines in hiring expectations in crucial sectors such as Mining & Construction and Manufacturing. When forecasts are compared with those reported in the first-quarter, hiring intentions improve in 17 countries and territories, decline in 17 and are unchanged in nine. Employers report the strongest hiring intentions in Leisure & Hospitality (+28%) as the economy picks up.

Cathy McAllister of Manpower's Belleville office said information gleaned through the most recent survey statistics indicate some employers will be hiring, some won't and some aren't sure what they'll be doing.

Canadian employers' hiring intentions are at their highest level in several years - and Waterloo Region's employers are even more bullish on growing their teams.

The ManpowerGroup interviewed 58,000 employers in 43 countries and territories and especially 46000 employers in India as their sample size for the employment outlook survey.

Despite the positive uptick in India's hiring intentions over the past two quarters, confidence has fallen as employers report an Outlook of +16, down five percentage points quarter-over-quarter.

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