Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
Science | By Hubert Green

YouTube's mobile app finally gets a dark theme

YouTube's mobile app finally gets a dark theme

Unfortunately for fans of YouTube's mobile app, the feature was initially only available to desktop users.

Google is adding an option for users to toggle the overwhelming white YouTube app dark with an update rolling out today. This feature debuted on YouTube's desktop site past year. The folks over at The Verge report Google plans to introduce the dark mode to the Android version of YouTube "soon". The playback screen featured a more consistent skinning, and we already saw developers fine-tuning the shades of dark gray tones being employed. For months now we've been expecting a new dark mode to go live for YouTube, and while Google's not quite ready to push the button on dark-mode YouTube for Android, the feature is currently heading out to iOS users.

Having a dark theme has its advantages.

YouTube explains right next to the desktop dark theme setting that it turns the light surfaces of the page dark, creating an experience ideal for night. This feature is primarily geared towards users who tend to browse YouTube late at night when the website's ordinary bright colors can be a little hard on the eyes. At the time, the feature wasn't made available to all users, nor was it officially announced by the company. Now, we know that it is on iOS and that it will soon be debuting on Android.

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