Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
Science | By Hubert Green

Google Assistant is finally introduced on the iPad

Google Assistant is finally introduced on the iPad

Much of the app's functionality simply mirrors that available from Siri, but if you're an iPad owner who leans more toward the Google ecosystem, Google Assistant gives you voice access to Gmail and Google Calendar.

While Apple typically announces hundreds of new iPhone software features at WWDC, the company decided in January to push back some new features to 2019.

In May of a year ago, Google announced it was bringing Google Assistant to iPhones.

Viewers can usually expect major announcements and advancements for Apple's major operating systems, iOS and MacOS, which in turn mean big changes and surprises for the devices that run on them: iPhone and iPad, and Mac computers, respectively.

Need a few examples of things you can do with Google Assistant on your iPad? The iPad version will also support iOS 11's multitasking mode, so running apps side by side would be a breeze. Not much, as Google obviously wants to keep the Assistant experience as similar as possible across both platforms. More screen real estate simply means that you don't have to exit one app just to hop into Google Assistant.

As previously mentioned, Google Assistant for iPad can do everything that it can already do on the iPhone. Microsoft released an iPad-optimized version of Cortana last month, after Amazon's Alexa ranked third overall in iPad App Store downloads during the 2017 holiday season.

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